We seek to create positive economic impact and long-term value.

We seek to drive economic growth and make a positive impact. We do this by using extraordinary people and flexible capital to help companies solve problems, and to engage with our international communities.


Our Value

Dalipi Holding is a reliable and resilient investment partner to the world that is enabling global progress. Our portfolio includes local, direct international and globally diversified investments.

Dalipi Holding’s investments span the following asset classes:
• Banking & Financial Services
• Real Estate
• Private Equity
• Digital Services
• Metals & Mining
• Diamonds

We have and will continue to partner with like-minded organizations to enhance the UAE & EU's growth potential.

Our investment approach prioritizes a commitment to responsible investing to the highest standards of corporate governance.

Portfolio of Investments

Dalipi Holding Investment Capital is a differentiated and value-added investor that is able to source proprietary investment opportunities on a global basis and actively leverages the DH network in its various business activities.

Investment Strategy: We seek out business teams with the coherence and expertise to develop a project capable of reaping long-term financial returns, which has positioned us as a firm with reliable investment expertise and dependable profitability.

Banking & Financial Services
Banking & Financial Services

Dalipi Holding Capital invests across the capital structure in both private and public securities, either directly or through third-party managed funds and aims to maintain a well-diversified portfolio that generates superior risk-adjusted returns on behalf of its shareholder and investors.

Real Estate
Real Estate

Consistent with the other sectors within the company, Dalipi Holding’s real estate strategy prioritizes direct investing through joint ventures. Partners in these JVs are institutional, demonstrate best-in-class acumen, and commit substantial capital side-by-side with Dalipi Holding

Private equity
Private equity

We play a vital role in helping companies realize their growth potential. We uncover and unlock value by identifying great companies with untapped potential and enhancing their performance.

Digital Services
Digital Services

Dalipi Holding is investing in a global portfolio of world-class and transformative information and communications technology assets, while working to provide high-tech employment opportunities within cognitive computing, ICC infrastructure, telecoms, and crypto operations.

Metals & Mining
Metals & Mining

Through the development of a globally diversified set of metals and mining businesses, DALIPI HOLDING is positioning the EU in fast-growing resource markets while supporting continued growth in domestic manufacturing and the creation of high-skilled jobs. We aim to support the creation of industrial champions in critical value chains such as Gold.


Diamonds are precious, rare, mysterious, beautiful, magical and romantic tokens of love. Diamonds are mostly considered as a secure investment, but on top of that, they also give you a feeling of beauty, luxury, belonging, passion and love. No other financial investment can offer you that much!


Our Missions

How we accomplish our mission is as important as the mission itself.

Offering quick and easy solutions to financial stressors is what we do, but the desire to help our fellow community members is why we do it. We keep this intention at the forefront of everything we do, and we always strive to remember our mission:

To provide fast and friendly service to our customers that meets their financial needs and significantly exceeds their expectations.
To provide a positive and rewarding work environment for our employees founded on mutual respect and teamwork.
To continue profitable growth and increased value for our shareholders.
To make personal and financial contributions to the communities in which we operate in a spirit of shared responsibility.

Our Investments

Developing First Class Solutions for Our Partners and Clients.


Established 2009

Dalipi Holding is a pioneering global investor.


Careers at Dalipi Holding

Interested in working with Dalipi Holding?

The Dalipi Holding Career Center is focused on your long-term success.
Our holistic approach prepares you to achieve your career goals and provides you with a modern mix of career insights, coaching, management tools and influential business connections to cultivate and build a purposeful and rewarding career.

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Expert People

Passionate People on Our Team

We know that no one person can be an expert in the entire range of advanced planning needs and solutions, so we have built a network of specialists who have deep knowledge across the range of these specialties.

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