Our Culture

At Dalipi Holding, we are driven by our values and principles. We work to live up to our reputation of excellence and integrity.

Integrity is an important part of who we are as an organisation. We believe that honesty and professionalism are fundamental to our role as the Global Investor.

Our Values


DH’s governing bodies, corporate officers and employees are required to behave and operate following 5 guiding values:

• Integrity: To apply the highest ethical, moral and professional standards of conduct in each of their undertakings

• Mission focus: DH has a noble mission on behalf of the Members. In executing day-to- day responsibilities, DH management and employees are firmly focused on this mission

• Entrepreneurialism: DH believes in the power of entrepreneurialism, and it continues to encourage initiative and a flexible approach even as the organisation grows and institutionalizes

• Excellence: DH strives for excellence in all aspects of its undertakings

• Respect for people: DH recognizes that people are its most valuable asset, and the organisation seeks to create a respectful workplace free of harassment or intimidation