Careers at Dalipi Holding

We offer the opportunity to make a difference – to this organisation, to the future of Switzerland and Middle East and to yourself.


Working in the multi-cultural environment of Dalipi Holding, you will collaborate with colleagues from an assortment of professional and academic backgrounds.


 The highest standards of ethics, accountability and performance will be expected of you.


Our holistic approach prepares you to achieve your career goals and provides you with a modern mix of career insights, coaching, management tools and influential business connections to cultivate and build a purposeful and rewarding career.

Dalipi Holding Headquarters

Dubaï Financial District
The Gate Buiding
Park Tower - Marble Walk
Dubaï, United Arab Emirates


Dalipi Holding Co.
Hardstrasse 201
8005 Zürich

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Tel. +971 4 362 2266
Fax. +971 4 362 2268



Tel. +41 800 880 790
Fax. +41 800 880 791

DALIPI HOLDING Company is a Swiss conglomerate holding company based in Dubaï

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