Digital Services

Digital Services

Trade Block London (TBL) is headquartered in London with offices in Zurich, Switzerland. We are a digital currency gateway, bridging fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat exiting solutions for HNW investors, Sovereign funds, Family Offices and Institutional traders.

What we offer

We have an exclusive access to digital assets from miners, HNW individuals and Institutions. One of the main problems in the OTC market is a reliable banking service to execute trades without worrying about funds being blocked or accounts being closed. Soon, TBL will provide a single access point for both Digital Assets and a FINMA regulated Crypto Banking solution at your finger tips. Through our global partners or directly from TBL asset stock, we make high end products accessible for individuals who wants to exit from their long term digital asset position.   

What makes TBL unique?

  1.   We have a deep liquidity pool. 
  2.   Exclusive Crypto Banking partnership. 
  3.   Provides a Crypto exit to enjoy high end products like Diamonds, Real Estate and Luxury Cars with a hassle free process. 

Our Vision

Here at TBL, we are working hard to make TBL your single access point for digital assets, hard assets and a full fledged banking service to redefine finance for the future. Soon, our mobile app and a smart contract platform will give you access to all our services at a flick of a button.
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