Dalipi Capital’s Credit team has been investing since 2014, principally in direct lending opportunities across a variety of industries in Middle East and Europe. The Credit team has developed a track record in commercial lending by investing directly across different asset classes, initially through Dalipi Funds Capital, a joint venture with E.Capital. Following Dalipi Holdings’s successful exit from the joint venture, the Credit team, operating as part of the Dalipi Capital platform, pursues a similar strategy with a broad group of origination partners.

Investment Approach

Dalipi Capital’s Credit team leverages the experience accumulated by investing since 2014 in more than 200 leveraged loan transactions. The team’s investment approach involves accessing deal flow by developing and leveraging deep, focused and scalable partnerships with leading credit originators in its areas and markets of focus. The team also often utilizes structured leverage facilities to enhance returns.

Each partnership and the overall portfolio have been constructed while adhering to the following key principles:

  • Access to differentiated, consistent and sustainable deal flow from best-in-class credit partners.
  • Each transaction is underwritten and approved by Dalipi Capital.
  • Conservative “underwrite-to-hold” cash flow-focused underwriting based on fundamental credit analysis.
  • Stress testing LBO models to validate solid downside protection.
  • Construction of diversified, granular portfolio of loans delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns.
  • Rigorous portfolio monitoring and risk management processes.

Dalipi Capital’s Credit team currently manages a variety of credit investments mainly in senior secured, leveraged loans, with ancillary investments in structured credits, such as CLOs, and opportunistic investments in corporate loans and bonds.